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Flowco Opens New Manufacturing Facility

Recently, Flowco Production Solutions opened a new gas lift manufacturing and warehousing facility in North Houston to better serve our US and Canada customer base. The new layout optimizes workflow and reduces work-in-process, allowing for better control and tracking of orders. This investment increased the facility’s overall footprint from 18,000 sf to over 35,000 sf, improved cleanliness and workflow, and increased production capacity. This growth allows us to better serve our customers.


Our team put significant thought into the overall layout of the new facility to maximize storage and handling of materials and provide an efficient workflow while assuring safe operations at our workplace. Safety was at the forefront of the transition to the new production facility. Forklifts are no longer required for material flow in the gas lift valve, mandrel and lubricator production zones. The welding, grinding, blast and paint areas are segregated from machining and valve assembly areas to better maintain overall cleanliness. Inventory control also improved as a result of the new layout. Picking parts for customer orders and assemblies is now quicker and easier than ever before. Enhancements in technology assist in our safety efforts as well as quality initiatives.

New hydrotest fixtures allow us to test gas lift mandrels more efficiently. Our upgraded test software records and stores test data for mandrel, lubricator and capillary product lines. The company invested in new CNC machines improving our flexibility in production. Our automated welding machines for mandrel production significantly increase production capacity. These investments and improvements contribute to higher output while still maintaining the quality and safety Flowco is known for.

The new office area includes a fully equipped break area, a high-tech conference room and private training facility.

Flowco provides the very best in oilfield products and services for the industry. We invite you to come see our new space. Contact your sales representative or reach out to us at to schedule a tour if you are in the Houston area.