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Artificial Lift Training

Artificial lift training at Flowco is provided in a variety of settings and offered in proximity to all of the major basins in the United States and Alberta, Canada. Whether in the field, in the classroom, or a location chosen for convenience to attendees, we are focused on the transfer of useful information and skills by one of our experienced lift experts.

Participants gain experience, a better understanding of gas lift and plunger lift, as well as solving problems, tips for optimizing production, and improving well economics. Troubleshooting is an important part of artificial lift operations, and several typical surveillance problems are solved. Examples of how these techniques are applied in producing conventional and unconventional wells are presented. Distinct features of the lift methods are presented and hybrid solutions, such as GAPL, are discussed. Additional time is spent with advantages of critical well data garnered with automation, well control, and reservoir monitoring.

Flowco Artificial Lift Webinar

We are starting up our online webinar series for 2022. These will consist of a 1-hour training course held once a month, and offered to operators to join online or in-person at our facility. We will send out the reminder 1-2 weeks prior to the course, and encourage you to forward it on to anyone that might be interested to attended. Each course will consist of a different topic.

2023 Artificial Lift Webinar Schedule

Date Course Subject
Feb 9, 2023     Fire Side Chat
Mar 9, 2022     Gas Lift 101
Apr 13, 2022     Gas Lift Optimization & Troubleshooting
May 11, 2022     Gas Lift Optimization & Nodal Analysis
Jun 8, 2022     Plunger Lift 101
Jul 13, 2022     Capillary & Tubing
Aug 10, 2022     Downhole Gauges
Sep 7, 2022     Plunger Lift 102
Oct 5, 2022     Mystery Meat - Operator Pick