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Inconsistent Production

There will be days when the hydrocarbons produced from your well is not what you were expecting, or you experience inconsistent production. Most production tends to be steady over time. A big decrease from what’s expected will more likely be an indicator of a problem. Often, the size of the change, can be a good indicator of where the problem lies.

When the problem is downhole, analysis can get quite complex. A few problems that can cause a loss of production can be addressed from the surface, others may require shutdown and workover to remedy. Also, changes occur to the well over the production lifecycle. A decreased production rate may be an indicator that a new form of lift is required, such as replacement of an electric submersible pump (ESP) system with a gas lift system, or introduction of a gas-assisted plunger lift system to increase production rates to their former levels.

Continuous monitoring with the help of a downhole gauge and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA system can help you anticipate a failing pump so that small problems do not develop into bigger, more expensive ones.

The tubing string may fail to build pressure. This might indicate a hole in the tubing or a collar leak. A tubing integrity test is necessary to determine if there is communication in the tubing string. Flowco can provide a procedure for testing this, or provide the man-power to assist in the process of testing. If gas lift valves are included in the well already, Flowco can aid in ‘Rocking the Gas Lift Valves’.

Things to consider to remedy inconsistent production:

  • Under-injection of lift gas
  • Excess wellhead pressure
  • Localized wellsite optimization
  • Reducing back pressure on wellhead through flowline choke manipulation
  • Plunger Lift troubleshooting and optimization
  • Gas Lift troubleshooting and optimization

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