Artificial Gas Lift Solutions
Spooling Services

Maximize production, reduce workovers, and lower operating expenses


Spooling Services

Maximize production, reduce workovers, and help lower operating expense with state-of-the-art internal and external spooling services. Precision capillary string placement enables you to pinpoint application—eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary chemical volume overages. Our spooling service offers precise delivery of a downhole gauge or continuous delivery of chemical directly at the area of need. Our fleet consists of single and dual spooling units for all types of capillary installation applications.

We have some of the most experienced capillary technicians and managers in the industry (since 1998) and our expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our approach prior to the completion is what really sets us apart from our competition. We consult thoroughly with our clients prior to the start of the job to ensure installation and system success.

Ask us about our capillary string reconditioning services by our team of certified welders and specialists. Flowco has full-service shops to perform these services in key regions.

Spooling Services Features and Benefits:

  • Secure installation of TEC line for downhole gauges
  • Precision chemical treatment delivery
  • Address liquid loading (gas wells)
  • Internal or external installations
  • Installs into live wells (internal installs)
  • Protects tubulars
  • Reduces well interventions caused by scale, salt, corrosion, and paraffin
  • Pinpoint chemical delivery at exact depths
  • Adjustable chemical volumes and ability to run custom blends
  • Requires no batch treating or shut-in time

  • Ability to flush and test while running
  • Reservoir Evaluation
  • Real Time Pressure Draw Down
  • Optimize Well Spacing
  • Monitor Permeability
  • Evaluate Reservoir Decline
  • Production Evaluation
  • Efficiencies in Lifting Methods
  • Identify Production Optimization opportunities
  • Manage reservoir decline
  • Completion Evaluation
  • Efficiency of Frac Jobs
  • Zone Performance and Isolation Results
  • Monitor Steam Injection Productivity