Continuous Flow

The majority of gas lift wells are continuous flow. This lift method is the most common because it resembles the natural flow of a well. Using a continuous injection of compressed gas into the well reduces reservoir pressure and increases production. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous flow is most commonly applied gas lift system
  • Great for unloading wells that are loaded or after hydraulic fracture
  • Great for recovering wells hit by offset fracs
  • Allows ability to lift a well with the energy provided by the well through gas produced and recycled
  • Produce large volumes of fluid down to near depletion with a single installation

Advantages of Gas Lift:

  • Simple operation – very few moving parts
  • No restrictions in tubing – allows for through tubing well work access
  • Works in sand producing wells
  • xxCan be used in deviated and horizontal wellboresx
  • Can work well in slim-hole wellbores
  • Reservoir gas helps the fluid rate and does not interfere as in pup applications
  • Low cost (both initial and operating)