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Permanent Monitoring Systems Deliver

Operators Gain Accurate, Real-Time Data About the Well, Reservoir, and Lifting System

The absence of accurate and reliable data for artificial lift systems creates significant operational inefficiencies and puts artificial lift systems and the reservoir at risk, which could result in costly downtime. Lack of actionable information could also lead to wasted injection gas for gas-lifted assets, overall higher production costs, and non-optimized production rates.

A downhole gauge is typically installed in a carrier on the tubing string and continuously transmits digitized pressure and temperature data to the surface controller. From this point, data is acquired, processed, and distributed to users via standalone or distributed information systems. A SCADA system enables this information to be distributed to a hand-held device in a protected local network or even securely across the globe.

Reliable, precise, and rugged downhole monitoring systems are critical to assessing well and artificial lift system performance by providing continuous data—even in high-temperature and difficult operating environments.

Through enabling customer reserves to be produced in the most efficient and profitable manner, the Flowco name has become synonymous with the safe installation and expert service of your artificial lift and production systems. As part of the comprehensive Flowco portfolio, and compatible will all lift system manufacturers’ equipment, the Vizion line of downhole monitoring systems continues to deliver quality and reliability with thousands of gauges installed worldwide with a 98.7% success rate.

Vizion Data Assurance Products are part of our Flowco digital production solutions to assist oil and gas operators in increasing operational efficiencies, production optimization, collaboration, data integration, decision support, and workflow automation.

All Vizion Data Assurance Products including our real-time monitoring and data solutions are engineered, tested and manufactured by Flowco in our U.S. manufacturing centers in Texas. For more details about our real-time monitoring and data acquisition systems, visit our website at